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ERA4Health 2023 Call for Proposals “CARDINNOV”: Research targeting development of innovative therapeutic strategies in cardiovascular disease

2022-12-07 / 00:00 CET
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The European Partnership “Fostering a European Research Area for Health” (ERA4Health) is pleased to announce its 2023 joint call for transnational research proposals: Research targeting development of innovative therapeutic strategies in cardiovascular disease (CARDINNOV). 

This call aims to support transnational research projects (duration: 3 years) that address one or both of the following topics:

  • TOPIC 1 – Repair and/or regeneration of the heart and/or the blood vessels 
  • TOPIC 2 – Chronic heart failure and atrial fibrillation 

For both topics, research on cell therapy is strictly restricted to novel and innovative approaches.  
Only transnational projects will be funded. The following conditions apply to the composition of consortia: 

  • Minimum of three eligible and a maximum of five eligible partners from at least three different countries participating in the call 
  • The maximum number of eligible partners can be increased up to six or seven if they include one or two partners, respectively, from an underrepresented country (please refer to the call text or the ERA4Health website). 
  • No more than two eligible partners from the same country participating in the call will be accepted within one consortium. 
  • Maximum of two collaborators (self-funded partners) per consortium  

19 funding organizations from 15 countries are planning to join this call:  

Austria, Belgium, France, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, The Netherlands, and Turkey. 

There will be a two-step submission and evaluation procedure for joint applications (followed by a rebuttal stage): pre-proposals and full proposals. In both cases, one joint proposal document (in English) shall be prepared by the partners of a joint transnational proposal and must be submitted to the JCS by uploading it on the electronic submission system (https://secure.pt-dlr.de/ptoutline/app/) by one spokesperson, the project coordinator.

The following schedule applies to the two-step application process: 

Deadline for submitting pre-proposals: February 7, 2023 
Deadline for submitting full-proposals: June 15, 2023 
Funding decision approximately December 2023 
Detailed information: https://era4health.eu/   

In addition to the application submitted to the call secretariat, administrative and financial data as well as project abstracts (in accordance with the FWF guidelines for Stand-Alone Projects) must be submitted online to the FWF at https://elane.fwf.ac.at/.   

This is required at the pre-proposal stage under the program category “IK – International Projects” (pre-proposals, deadline February 7, 2023, date of postmark).  

For the full proposal stage, applicants must choose the program category “I – International Projects” (full proposals, deadline June 15, 2023, date of postmark).  

For submissions to be valid, the cover sheet generated at the end of the online submission process must be printed out and signed. It can then either be sent to the FWF by conventional mail (FWF, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Vienna) or scanned, signed with a certified digital signature and sent to the FWF (office(at)fwf.ac.at) as an email attachment. 

FWF contacts for the ERA4Health “CARDINNOV” call: 

Markus Kubicek 
Haus der Forschung, Sensengase 1, 1090 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-505 67 40-8202 
Email: markus.kubicek(at)fwf.ac.at  

Stefanie Schagginger 
Haus der Forschung, Sensengase 1, 1090 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-505 67 40-8213 
Email: stefanie.schagginger(at)fwf.ac.at   

Further information 

For specific questions about the budget, the criteria, or rules of the individual funding organizations, please consult the respective funding organization directly. You can find the responsible contact points as well as the national/regional rules and regulations of the funding organizations in the call text (Annex I) and on the ERA4Health website.


Name: Markus Kubicek
Name: Stefanie Schagginger

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