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General Information

Research data management is an integral part of good research practice (see Research Integrity & Research Ethics). The FWF therefore requires a data management plan (DMP) for projects approved from 1 January 2019 under the new guidelines. A DMP describes how data and their metadata are collected, organised, stored, published, shared, and archived for a specific project. Furthermore, the DMP outlines how the data will be made FAIR, which means Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. The FWF’s Open Access Policy to Research Data must be taken into account when drafting the DMP.

The FWF has defined a minimum set of questions that comprise the data management plan and that must be addressed in the DMP template (see IV.). The FWF DMP template is in line with Science Europe’s “Core Requirements for Data Management Plans”.


The DMP must be submitted together with the FWF grant agreement for an approved project. The DMP is a prerequisite for the start of the project and will be checked for completeness by the FWF. It must be written in the same language as the grant proposal. It is recommended to consult the research data management support of the researcher’s own research institute when drafting the DMP.  

The DMP is to be viewed as a living document that can be modified throughout the project. Any changes made to the DMP should be documented (DMP versioning), and its final version must be included in the final grant report. 


Within grant proposals, costs for the preparation, archiving, open access, and later use of research data in repositories can be requested (see the respective application guidelines).

FWF DMP Guidance and Template

The DMP guidance and template can be downloaded at the following link: 
DMP guidance and template (docx, 44KB)

FWF DMP Evaluation Rubric: It is recommended to use the FWF Evaluation Rubric, which is based on Science Europe’s Template for a Data Management Plan Evaluation Rubric as a further guidance for drafting the DMP and for the evaluation of the DMP. 

FWF DMP Evaluation Rubric (pdf, 137KB) 

Sample DMPs

Sample DMPs of Digital Curation Center (DCC): Data Management Plans | DCC

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