Science Communication Program (WKP)

Target group
Researchers in Austria who are leading or have led an FWF-funded project or who are working or have worked on an FWF-funded project; past projects must have been completed within the last three years before the submission deadline. 

Funding for outstanding science communication initiatives aimed at communicating research findings from FWF-funded projects to the public 

New in 2023: Additional funding for projects on Sustainable Food Systems 
In 2023, Fonds Zukunft Österreich will provide additional funding of €150,000 for innovative WKP projects as part of the key funding area Sustainable Food Systems. 

The goal is to make FWF-funded projects focusing on sustainable foods and sustainable food systems accessible to a broad public. Research questions can address topics such as: 

  • Healthy nutrition and sustainable food production 
  • Climate-neutral and resource-efficient agricultural, food, and nutrition systems
  • Economic, environmental, and social impacts of food production systems

Please see the document "Supplementary Information" for additional details on applying for this program. In addition to the documents required to apply to WKP, an additional form describing the proposal's relevance to the key funding area must be submitted on elane the FWF's online application portal. 

The key funding area Sustainable Food Systems is a joint initiative with aws. More detailed information on the "aws Sustainable Food Systems Initiative" can be found here. To be notified of future programs in the aws Food Systems Initiative, please sign up here.

Requirements/review criteria
Each application will be reviewed in writing by two jury members. All applications received will then be discussed and compared in a jury session. The following content-related aspects are reviewed:

  • Quality aspects - Communication
  • Quality aspects - Target groups
  • Quality aspects - Team

For more information on the review criteria, please refer to the application guidelines. 

Science Communication projects have a maximal duration of 2 years. Cost-neutral extensions are possible.

The maximum amount of funding that can be requested is €100,000 per application (including 5% general project costs).

Application submission
Online using the FWF's digital application portal (elane)
•    Application period opens: March 31, 2023
•    Application period closes: June 30, 2023; elane will stop accepting applications after 2:00 pm local time Vienna/Austria.
•    In German

By the FWF Scientific Board, based on the reviews provided by the Science Communication jury


Application documents

Electronic application

For more information on creative ideas in the field of Science Communication, please refer to previously funded Science Communication projects (see Project Finder); they can give you a good idea of the type of activities funded in this program.