Emerging Fields

Target group
Teams of 3–7 internationally outstanding researchers at one or more Austrian research institutions. Researchers from abroad can be integrated into the project and can be involved on site for longer periods of time through visiting professorships.

Emerging Fields (EF) are the second of three pillars of the excellent=austria funding initiative to strengthen Austria’s position as a top location for research within the international scientific community. 

The programme is for teams of excellent researchers who are engaged in cooperative pioneering work in basic research and who are prepared to break with established ways of thinking. The aim of the programme is to implement innovative, original, or high-risk research ideas that have the potential to transform a field of research or trigger a paradigm shift in one discipline or across several.

One of the following three approaches must be pursued:

  • Design and implementation of innovative mono-disciplinary research approaches
  • Design and implementation of innovative interdisciplinary approaches to develop new fields of research
  • Design and implementation of innovative transdisciplinary research approaches by integrating societal actors in the research on socially relevant topics

The programme is specifically addressed to researchers from the field of arts-based basic research as well as interdisciplinary teams whose work involves aesthetic and artistic methods.

3–7 internationally outstanding researchers at one or more Austrian research institutions

5 years

Amount of funding
€4–6 million


  • Guidelines will be published in mid-September 2022
  • Deadline for submission is mid-February 2023 
  • Frequency of calls: planned for every 2 years

One-stage submission with several stages of evaluation by an international jury on the basis of written reviews