Wittgenstein Award

What should be included in the final project report?

A short checklist for completing a Final Project Report is available for download at: 

What common outcomes should be specified?

The FWF requests that the report cover all the key outcomes of the project that have already been published, in particular:

  • Publications
  • Further Funding
  • Research Databases & Models
  • Intellectual Property & Licensing
  • Awards & Recognition

What Additional Funder Questions should be included?

The following content is required:

If the summaries cannot be released to the public for particular reasons, it is possible to temporarily delay their publication.

We request that you report on the other questions (Cooperation with the FWF, FWF Statistics for Collaborations, FWF Development of Human Resources), where appropriate. The final report cannot be submitted without answering the yes/no question whether you would be willing to provide feedback (for example):

Where can conferences be entered?

  • Publications on conferences (proceedings, abstracts) can be entered under “Publications – Conference Proceeding/Conference Paper” in the „Common Outcomes” area.
  • “Personal invitation as keynote or other named speaker to a conference” and “Poster/abstracts prize” can be entered into the system under “Common Outcomes” in the “Awards & Recognition” area.
  • Conference attendances and other matters pertaining to conferences can be included in the FWF Final Report in Section 4. “Other important aspects”.

What happens to the final report?

Since the introduction of the global budget, the FWF not only conducts an ex ante evaluation of funding proposals, but also an ex post review of the projects. Reviewers who had been entrusted with the original application are requested to give a final evaluation of how the project progressed and its ultimate success.

The launch of the new system has now made it possible to submit on-line reviews. Reviewers receive access and read permission to the respective project and can write their respective reviews on the final report there. Afterwards, these will be made available to the PI to view and print. Only the PI, the reviewers, and the FWF have access to these reviews; project participants do not automatically receive access.

Reviewers are requested to comment on the following items:

  1. Use of the funds provided
  2. Scientific/scholarly success within the scope of the Wittgenstein Award
  3. Unique opportunities for development which arose within the scope of the Wittgenstein Award
  4. Additional effects

Can the submission deadline for final reports be extended?

If the deadline specified by the FWF for the submission of final reports cannot be met, the PI must send a free-form request for an extension within a reasonable amount of time before the end of the deadline. In this case, please send the request and a brief explanation to the FWF (martina.kunzmann(at)fwf.ac.at).

What happens if the final project report is not submitted?

If a final project report is not submitted, the FWF will send a one-time reminder by registered mail. If the project report is not submitted within 30 days of this reminder, the FWF will stop payment of all FWF-funded research projects of the PI, as well as the processing of any new research proposals submitted to the FWF. This ban will be lifted after the outstanding final report has been submitted.

Can project outcomes also be included after submission of the final project report?

Additional project outcomes can be included up to 5 years after the end of the project. An annual reminder will be sent to the PI and further outcomes can be entered and submitted via the “Begin submission process” feature.