Can the project start date be backdated for an approved Lise Meitner fellowship?

The planned project cannot begin until the application has been approved by the FWF Board. If the applicant travels to the chosen research institution before the FWF Board makes its decision, the applicant does so at his/her own expense and risk.

How do I receive the funding for travel expenses, the relocation allowance and the additional subsidy for children?

The relocation allowance, travel expenses (or a lump-sum travel allowance) and, if applicable, the additional subsidy for children are posted by the payroll offices as a lump-sum payment and are paid out together with the salary. Therefore, they are also subject to social insurance contributions and income tax. For more detailed information, please see the general terms and conditions.

Can I extend my project?

You can extend your project for up to one year on a cost-neutral basis, subject to a corresponding reduction in the extent of employment.

I would like to continue my career in Austria after the end of my Meitner Fellowship. What FWF programmes can I apply for?

Lise Meitner Fellows are eligible to continue their research work in Austria as part of FWF programmes which offer the option to apply as a grant-salaried principal investigator.

Is my family also insured as part of my Lise Meitner Fellowship?

By virtue of the employment contract, the principal investigator is insured with the statutory social insurance, through which the fellow’s partner and children can be co-insured.

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