At what point must the data management plan (DMP) be sent to the FWF?

The DMP must be submitted together with the FWF grant agreement for an approved project and the PR abstract. The DMP is required to start the project and is checked for completeness by the FWF.

The DMP is viewed as a “living document”. It can be changed throughout the entire duration of the project, although any changes are to be documented. The final version must be submitted with the final report.

In what language must the DMP be written?

The DMP must be written in the same language as the funding application.

What research data must be made openly accessible to comply with the FWF Open Access Policy on research data?

For projects approved from 1 January 2019 onwards under the new guidelines, the FWF expects open access to research data and other materials which are collected and/or analysed with the aid of FWF funds:

  • Open access is required for the underlying research data upon which the scientific or academic publications of the project are based. These comprise all data needed to reproduce and verify the results of the publications, including the respective metadata. These data are to be published as quickly as possible, but no later than together with the respective scientific or academic publication. If, for reasons of a legal, ethical or other nature, open access to these data is not available, or only partially available, a justification must be provided in the data management plan (DMP).
  • Open access to all other research data arising from the project is up to the discretion of the principal investigator. These encompass, among other things, curated data which cannot be directly attributed to one publication, or raw data, including the respective metadata. In any case, such data are to be described in the DMP.
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