Can the estimated project duration be extended?

Yes. An extension of up to 12 months is possible without additional costs (exceptions: SFB, DK, doc.funds, ZK) if the FWF is notified in due time (before the planned end of the original project). Extension requests submitted after the planned end of the original project (recorded electronically in our system) cannot be considered. Any remaining funds are recovered.

To what extent can the principal investigator change approved costs?

The FWF grants a global budget within the framework of the project-specific funds (exceptions: DK, doc.funds, Schrödinger, Meitner, Firnberg, Richter (PEEK)). Within the scope of the agreement, the principal investigators are free to use the funds as they see fit, provided the total amount approved is not exceeded and provided that the funds are used for the specific project and in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the FWF concerning approved FWF research projects.

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