Can costs for hosting be paid out of FWF-funded projects?

In exceptional cases, hosting costs can be paid as described below, taking into account the principle of economic efficiency as well as the compliance and anti-corruption regulations of the respective research institution. Please note that in all cases, costs for alcoholic beverages and tips cannot be charged to FWF projects.

Working meetings:
Hosting costs with predominantly external participation can only be charged if they are incurred in connection with a project meeting (project-specific) and comply with the internal guidelines of the research institution. As a guideline, the currently valid Austrian daily rate (per diem wage tax treatment) of EUR 26.40 per person applies here.

In the case of self-organized, project-specific and full-day events (e.g. workshops) with significant external participation, catering costs may be charged. If the events extend over several days, there is the possibility of an additional settlement of a networking lunch (according to the event program). In any case, the guideline value of EUR 65.00 per person and event day must be adhered to. However, final dinners or meals that serve the purpose of community building are not eligible for funding.

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