When can I begin with the project work?

The project work can begin from the date of the approval letter up to no more than six months after this date (exceptions: SFBs, DK, doc.funds, and stand-alone publications). A justification must be given for any delays lasting longer than six months and up to twelve months. The project must begin no later than twelve months after the date of the approval letter. Project delays that exceed twelve months are only permitted in crisis situations and require the express consent of the FWF Executive Board.

In terms of follow-up projects, how much time should I factor in for evaluation to ensure seamless continuity?

In the case of a follow-up project, an application must be submitted at least five months before the end of the project to ensure seamless continuity (exceptions: PEEK, QFTE, SFB, DK, doc.funds, ZK, and stand-alone publications).

Who can be provided with project-specific information that goes beyond public relations work?

Information on the project can be given only to the principal investigator and the person responsible for the administration of the project at the research institution.

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