Hinweis: Für die folgenden Förderungsprogramme sind die Forschungsinstitutionen die einreichende formale juristische Person bzw. die spätere Vertragspartnerin für einen Förderungsvertrag mit dem FWF (Abwicklung unter PROFI bzw. § 27 UOG): SFB, Forschungsgruppen, doc.funds und Zukunftskollegs.

What are the basic requirements for creating a Young Independent Researcher Group?

An internationally outstanding team of young researchers (at least three, but no more than five postdocs from Austria and abroad up to no more than four years after receiving their doctoral degree (PhD)) from all scholarly/scientific disciplines, in particular from the humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies, who want to work at an Austrian research institution.

The research collaboration should be interdisciplinary on innovative topics.

The research question should be explored at a minimum of two research institutions or a minimum of two organisational units of a research institution.

In any case, applicants are recommended to contact the FWF for advice before developing a concept and submitting an application. Applicants are also encouraged to attend a Young Independent Researcher Groups – Proposers’ Day. The dates of these events can be found on the FWF calendar.

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