Is it possible to apply simultaneously for a START project?

Yes, applicants can submit a parallel application for START.  This is the only time when it is also possible to submit an application that is identical in substantial parts, as long as it meets the respective application guidelines.

I have already completed a Hertha Firnberg Fellowship. Can I also apply for an Elise Richter Fellowship?

Yes, but only for a maximum of three years (= six years of total funding from the Firnberg and Richter Programmes).

Does the chosen research institution have to be a university institute, and does it have to be in Austria?

Applicants can also apply for Elise Richter Fellowships at non-university research institutions in Austria (e.g., the Austrian Academy of the Sciences (ÖAW)).

Can I take a leave of absence from a (contractual) university assistant position to apply for an Elise Richter Fellowship, or can I apply for an Elise Richter Fellowship in addition to working a half-position?

In principle, both options are possible; in the case of an application for a part-time employment contract, the funding for the researcher’s personnel costs will be reduced in accordance with the extent of employment.

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