Can the application be submitted from abroad?

Yes. A reduced territoriality principle applies for PEEK. The only requirement is that the research project must be carried out at an Austrian research institution. However, it is not necessary to have your main place of residence in Austria before applying.

What personnel costs should be requested for grant-salaried principal investigators who do not have an academic degree?

At least postdoc level funding should be requested for grant-salaried principal investigators. Conversely, grant-salaried principal investigators who do not have a doctoral degree, but a proven record of art-based research and experience can also request funding at the postdoc level for experienced project members.

Who can apply for funding at the senior postdoc level?

By grant-salaried principal investigators with at least two years of postdoc research experience, or grant-salaried principal investigators without a doctoral degree who have served previously as the principal investigator of an FWF project.

Is it possible to show preliminary artistic/research work that is relevant to the proposed project and makes it easier to visualize it in the application?

Yes. You can provide reviewers with access to audio-visual material via a weblink in the project proposal. This must be unencrypted.

Can artistic events (such as concerts, performances, or exhibitions) be funded as part of a PEEK project?

Yes, but in principle only if it concerns a “proof of concept,” which means that the event must be directly connected with the specific artistic research of the proposed project.

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