Can I submit an application before completing a doctoral degree?

Yes, provided that you meet the other requirements for submitting an application, and if you will receive the official doctoral degree within the average processing time (approx. four months). However, if your fellowship is approved before you have the official doctoral degree, you cannot start your fellowship until you submit a copy of your doctoral diploma.

Can I submit an application without a co-applicant?

No. A co-applicant at an Austrian research institution is required.

Can I submit an application with several co-applicants?

No. Only one person may be named as co-applicant on the application. Additional persons at an Austrian research institution necessary for carrying out the project can be listed as national cooperation partners.

Does the co-applicant have to be a professor or have a Habilitation (professorial qualification)?

No. Co-applicants are research staff at the hosting research institution who are suitable and responsible in their role as host and mentor. The co-applicant’s qualifications and suitability as a mentor are also part of the review. The number of projects in which someone can act as co-applicant is limited. Details on this can be found in the information concerning the Limit on the number of ongoing projects (pdf, 69KB).

Does the co-applicant have to be employed 100% at the Austrian research institution?

A co-applicant in the Lise Meitner Programme must be employed at least 20% at an Austrian research institution.

Does the FWF facilitate contacts with potential Austrian co-applicants?

No. Applicants must establish their own contact before submitting an application.

Who is supposed to submit the application? The applicant or the co-applicant in Austria?

Both options are possible. However, the cover sheets must be submitted in full to the FWF Office.

Can I apply for a Lise Meitner Fellowship if I am already in Austria?

Yes, provided that your entire previous stay in Austria has not been longer than three years within the last 10 years and that you have not been working continuously as a researcher in Austria for the last two years.

Can the research project also include a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are only funded if they are hypothesis-based and meet the research requirements that apply for all other FWF-funded research projects.

Can additional letters of recommendation be included?

Applicants can choose to include an additional letter of recommendation, if they wish.

Does the application have to include a costs projection?

No. €12,000 per year are available for project-specific costs. If it is useful for reviewing the application, a description of the planned use of funds can be included in the application.

How are fellows employed as part of the Meitner project?

The principal investigator is an employee. Universities according to the 2002 Universities Act (UG 2002) and research institutions that have a relevant agreement with the FWF are the employer; in all other cases, the co-applicant is the employer of the principal investigator. In this case, the co-applicant, as the employer, is responsible to the FWF for compliance with the relevant provisions of labour and social security law.

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