Processing of applications

Formal check

The FWF Office undertakes a formal check of submitted applications. This check is usually conducted by academically qualified staff together with the support of the reporters of the FWF. Applications will not be sent out for review if they

  • are outside the FWF’s scope of action (e.g., missing or unclear hypotheses or research questions) or

  • are incomplete or

  • do not meet the formal requirements of the FWF (e.g., exceed the scope of the application, do not comply with the formatting rules).

Applicants can rectify any errors or problems identified by the FWF within a reasonable period of time. Information on the specific length of time for corrections can be found in the application guidelines of the respective programme. This period is usually between 10 days and 3 weeks.

If the errors and problems are not rectified, the FWF will return the applications without review, i.e., they will not be processed further.

Applications that are rejected or returned without review cannot be resubmitted without revision. The appropriate extent of revision depends on the reasons for rejection or return without review.

Review process

Applications that meet the formal criteria will be sent for review to the reviewers suggested by the reporters of the FWF Board and confirmed by the decision-making bodies of the FWF. This is the beginning of the review process.

The selected reviewers are generally persons working outside Austria. The decision-making bodies of the FWF may make exceptions depending on the nature of the proposed project.

The minimum number of reviewers required to reach a funding decision depends on the requested amount of funding and is determined by the decision-making bodies of the FWF.

Once the review process has begun, no more changes can be made to the application.

The application guidelines of specific programmes may define additional or different steps in the review process or forms of review if they serve to ensure the quality of the FWF’s funding decisions.