Eligible costs

General information

Only project-specific costs may be requested, i.e., personnel and non-personnel costs that are essential to carry out the research project and that go beyond the resources made available from the research institution’s infrastructure. The FWF does not generally finance the infrastructure or basic equipment of research institutions.

The project-specific costs should be calculated in a reasonable manner. Inadequate calculations of project costs may represent a reason for rejection, even if the application is considered excellent in terms of content.

The application guidelines of specific programmes may set upper limits on the amount of funding that can be requested based on an appropriate project size for the respective funding programme.

Personnel costs

Project members

The FWF’s standard personnel costs and salaries should be used to calculate the personnel costs of project members.

Principal investigator

Under certain circumstances, the salary of the principal investigator can be financed with the funds of the project. The requirements that must be fulfilled to qualify for this option can be found in the application guidelines of the specific programme. Whether the principal investigator qualifies for this option depends on the nature of the respective funding programme and the length of time which the principal investigator requesting the salary has had his or her main place of residence in Austria or was / has been working as a researcher in Austria. In addition, these requirements also take the researcher’s income (whether from employed or self-employed work) into consideration.

Project-specific equipment

Funding is available for the acquisition of equipment required specifically for the research project.

In this context, equipment refers to apparatus and instruments, system components, project-specific software, and other durable goods where the acquisition cost per item exceeds the amount of EUR 1,500.00 (incl. VAT, unless the research institution is entitled to deduct VAT) and where the said equipment is financed primarily (more than 50% of the total costs of the specific item) from FWF funds.

The equipment is to be ordered and paid for by the research institution upon the instruction of the principal investigator of the respective FWF project. Each piece of equipment is to be recorded in the inventory, and the acquisition costs are to be reimbursed in accordance with the relevant agreement between the research institution and the FWF.

Depending on the programme, the FWF can exclude the funding of equipment if the respective programme focuses on the promotion of young researchers or publications.