In most FWF funding programmes, applications are submitted by the researchers; in the case of approval, the funding agreement is signed with the researcher (ad personam funding). For the following research programmes, the research institutions submit the applications using the PROFI method (project funding via research institutions): Special Research Programmes (SFB), Young Independent Researcher Groups, doc.funds and Research Groups. The method of submission is determined automatically by the choice of funding programme in the elane application portal.

Electronic application portal


Decision panel
The FWF Board decides on the allocation of funding.

Dates of decisions 2022
11 January: Meeting of the FWF Board
07 - 09 March: Meeting of the FWF Board
02 - 04 May: Meeting of the FWF Board
17 - 18 June: International Jury START/Wittgenstein
27 - 29 June: Meeting of the FWF Board
03 - 05 October: Meeting of the FWF Board
21 - 23 November: Meeting of the FWF Board

Reviews are received from peers working abroad.

'Contact' section

Processing time
After all reviews have reached the FWF, the following Board meeting decides on funding. The review process takes several months.