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An international team of experts from Science Europe, the association of European research funding organisations and research performing organisations, has presented seven recommendations on common standards in the allocation of funding. Based on best practice examples, the experts show how topics such as transparency, efficiency, and novel approaches can be further optimised in research funding.

The member organisations of Science Europe, including the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), created these recommendations to underline the importance of establishing international standards in funding allocation in key areas such as transparency, efficiency, and fairness.

After performing a study of 36 research funding organisations and research performing organisations and their assessment processes, a comprehensive consultation process was conducted with various groups from the research community. On this basis, the experts developed seven recommendations which make it possible to assess research proposals exclusively on the merits of their content and consider a wide range of research outputs. The recommendations provide research funding organisations and research performing organisations with a framework to evaluate and improve their assessment processes. You can learn more about the recommendations and best practice examples here.

FWF continuously evaluates its processes

The FWF, which played a leading role in the development and the elaboration of these recommendations, has in the past continuously reviewed and amended its assessment processes through the use of internal and external studies. These activities will be further increased in the next few years, for instance, through the FWF’s recent participation in the Research on Research Initiative (RoRI), Research on Research Initiative (RoRI), the ongoing evaluation of the new Early Career Stage programme for postdocs, as well as external studies on potential biases in the decision-making process.

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