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A political scholar at the Haus des Meeres, a mathematician who juggles and a musicologist at a dance studio: Research carrying the “FWF” label stands for excellence and diversity. 

This comes through not only in the researchers’ own numerous talents and diverse personalities, but also in their fields of research and interdisciplinary approaches. For its current Annual Report, the FWF paid visits to twelve outstanding scholars all over Austria and asked them to face the camera. The results are surprising photo portraits that illustrate how colourful and diverse the world of research is today.

Through their basic research, FWF-funded scholars generate new findings on questions from all walks of society: from medicine and politics to evolution and physics to art and music. The researchers portrayed are representative of more than 2,300 of their colleagues in Austria whose projects are supported by the FWF on an ongoing basis. The current FWF Annual Report provides all the relevant figures, an overview of the past year’s highlights and a look into the future. It is available for download here:

FWF Annual Report 2018 (pdf, 6.2MB)

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