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The FWF has had self-established rules on the quality and transparency of evaluations, studies and research policy-related services for many years. FWF contracts for these services are awarded to independent experts with a strong professional background in the relevant field only. All contracts are awarded using a transparent selection procedure based on pre-defined criteria. In line with the principle of open access to scholarly knowledge, the FWF supports open access not only to research results arising from FWF-funded projects, but also to evaluations, studies and other research policy-related services commissioned by the FWF. Where legally possible, this applies to all results and data arising from these studies, evaluations and other research policy-related services.

These rules are now substantiated, extended and adapted to new technical standards. They extend the quality standards of the Austrian Platform for Research & Technology Policy Evaluation (fteval) and comply with the FWF Open Access Policy as well as with the principles for Open Governance of the European Union.

New Quality and Transparency Standards

The standards are codified in German and in English on the FWF website.

Policy Publications

Policy publications of the FWF are composed of studies about FWF ex ante peer review, studies on outcomes of FWF projects, customer surveys, programme evaluations, annual reports, position statements and other publications.

Research Statistics

The constantly updated research statistics of the FWF’s funding decisions inform about the results of the board meetings and about the longitudinal data on research institutions, disciplines, research programmes, cost items, reviewer affiliations and processing times.

Sustainable and Open Archiving

All evaluations, studies and datasets (currently 37) are not only available on the FWF website but also sustainably archived in the repository Zenodo.

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