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The programme Stand-Alone Publications funds academic books from the Humanities and Social Sciences. It is one of the first funding programmes worldwide which not only includes the coverage of printing costs and professional copy editing but also - since 2009 - open access without embargo periods.

All funded books are openly accessible via the FWF E-Book Library and the OAPEN Library; free of charge for authors and readers.

OAPEN has now published some data about the annual usage of FWF funded books (July 2013 – June 2014). The usage is measured by downloads.

Although downloads (as well as books sales) cannot be seen as a direct measure of perception like citations, the annual dissemination is nevertheless impressive - especially when keeping in mind that usually around 200 print copies per book are being sold in total and that most books are written in German.

This year, both the FWF E-Book Library and the OAPEN Library will grow to a level of around 300 books. A further annual increase of around 60 books is expected.

Annual usage data

  • During the period from July 2013 to June 2014 144 books received 33.235 downloads (average: 231 downloads per book, mean: 101).
  • The users came from 139 countries. Countries with most downloads are Germany, United States, Austria, China, France, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Netherlands and Switzerland.
  • For a list of all books including downloads and metadata,
    see here.

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