Concept Proposals for SFBs and Research Groups Can Be Submitted Electronically

In the submission portal elane, the coordinators can now create applications for the concept phase (1st stage – draft proposal) for the funding programmes SFBs and research groups, so that the respective host research institutions can carry out the approval and submission process. The deadline for submissions is September 30th at 2 pm.

Five Recommendations for Strengthening Austria as a Research Country

The Austrian Alliance of Science Organisations urges efforts to prevent the loss of unique potential of scientific talent

Moving Science Ahead – "Young Independent Researcher Groups” Focus on Interdisciplinarity

The Austrian Science Fund FWF invited the research teams of the newly launched Young Independent Researcher Groups to an information exchange workshop. This programme for the up-and-coming generation brings together young researchers for interdisciplinary collaboration. They discussed the challenges and success factors for such interdisciplinary groups at the Haus der Forschung in Vienna on 22 July 2019.

FWF Supports Science Communication: Explore, Join and Share Your Thoughts

No matter whether it be city, state, science center, school or on social media – the FWF supports researchers who seek out innovative new ways of communicating about science to the tune of up to €50,000. Researchers from all disciplines have until 12 September 2019 to submit proposals for projects that successfully communicate science and research to the Science Communication Programme (WissKomm).

Outstanding Projects in Basic and Cutting-edge Research: 74th Meeting of the FWF Board Approves Approximately €38 Million

Approximately €10 million Euro for 2 Wittgenstein and 6 START Award recipients

More Room for Flashes of Genius: FWF Launches the 1,000 Ideas Programme

Those who have visions don’t need to see a doctor, but rather the FWF. Starting in October, the 1,000 Ideas Programme of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) helps researchers to turn their unconventional, bold and visionary research ideas into reality.

“Central European Science Partnership” on Track – New Funding Opportunities for Researchers in Central Europe

The FWF is stepping up its cooperation with its partner organisations in Poland (NCN), Slovenia (ARRS) and the Czech Republic (GA ČR). During the START/Wittgenstein Awards ceremony, the presidents of the four funding agencies took the next step and signed an agreement on expanding the project funding opportunities for researchers from the four countries.

Philipp Ther and Michael Wagner are Austria's New Wittgenstein Award Winners

The Austrian Science Fund FWF awards distinctions to a total of eight top researchers for outstanding research achievements.

FWF – Japan: New Call for Bilateral Projects and Joint Seminars

To commemorate the anniversary of “150 years of Japanese-Austrian diplomatic relations,” the FWF, together with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, is organising its 12th joint call for proposals.

FWF President Klement Tockner Congratulates Iris Rauskala on her Appointment as Minister of Science

The new Minister of Science Iris Rauskala is a profound expert in basic research. President Tockner also expressed his thanks to outgoing Minister Heinz Faßmann and his team.

Open Access – Final Version of Plan S Published

The "Plan S" initiative will enter into force in 2021 and provide free access to scholarly publications. Following an intensive consultation process, the revised principles and guidelines have now been published. Together with a number of internationally renowned funding organisations, the FWF supports the initiative and is well-prepared for its implementation.

FWF Approves About EUR 30 Million for Outstanding Top-level Research Projects

Applications amount to around EUR 106 million, approval rate stands at 28.1 percent

Final Statement of the 2019 Global Research Council Meeting: Does a Focus on Impact Circumscribe Diversity and Creativity in Research?

How significant is impact in basic research? Should researchers do more in future to highlight the impact of their work on society and the economy? What are the differences between roles and strategies of research funding organisations with respect to the impact of the projects supported by them?

European Forum Alpbach: Liberty and Security

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and FWF will jointly host a Breakout Session on Artificial Intelligence and Governance on 23 August 2019.

Top Researchers from Austria are More Competitive than Ever

Minister of Science Heinz Faßmann and Austrian Science Fund FWF President Klement Tockner strongly advocate competition in basic research