New Cooperation FWF – Israel: First Call for Proposals

In June 2018, the FWF and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State of Israel (MOST) signed a memorandum of understanding which focuses on funding closely integrated, joint research projects by researchers from Austria and Israel.

FWF – NCN: New Opportunities for Cooperation with Poland

The FWF and the Polish funding organisation NCN signed an agreement in spring 2018 which for the first time makes it possible to fund closely integrated, Austrian-Polish research projects (joint projects).

Geologist Christoph Spötl Wins 2018 Weiss Award

The researcher at the Department of Geology, University of Innsbruck investigates climate data from the “Little Ice Age”

More Funds and Flexibility for FWF Career Programmes

With its draft multi-annual programme and continued improvement of existing career programmes, FWF hopes to further advance the establishment of researchers, especially of women, in the scientific community – the consultation process will continue until the end of this year.

FWF Career Programmes: FWF Dialogue to Continue until the End of the Year

The FWF has begun its discussions on the draft for further developing its career programmes and has extended the deadline for completing the consultation processes by the end of this year.

Outstanding Projects in Basic Research: 72nd Meeting of the FWF Board Approves Around EUR 47.5 Million

Total requested funding came to some EUR 180.7 million, approval rate at 26.3 percent

Strengthening the Next Generation of Scientists with doc.funds

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) earmarks some EUR 11 million to enable young researchers to engage in research excellence. The goal of doc.funds: attracting, training and retaining talent.

Firnberg/Richter: Tailor-made Career Development for Female Scientists

In 2018 a total of 51 outstanding female scientists were selected for the FWF’s high-quality career development programmes. All in all, EUR 13.4 million in new grants was earmarked.

Submission of Final Project Reports Online

Starting in March 2019, final project reports in some FWF programmes will be submitted online via the Researchfish platform

FAQ on FWF Application Guidelines now Available - Transition Period ends 28 February 2019

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the application guidelines, which are now available online, will help applicants with questions they may have. In addition, it should be noted that the transition period for the submission of applications under the rules of the old application guidelines ends on 28 February 2019.

Young Independent Researcher Groups - Talented Scientists Wanted

Interdisciplinarity, innovative research approaches and networking are the focus of this funding programme operated jointly by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

Joint Project Funding FWF – South Tyrol: New Funding Opportunities

The FWF and the Province of South Tyrol (Alto Adige) now offer researchers from Austria and South Tyrol the opportunity to apply for joint research projects. The basis for this new cooperation opportunity is an agreement signed by the Governor of South Tyrol, Arno Kompatscher, and FWF President Klement Tockner in May 2018.

Austrian Open Access Agreement with Publisher MDPI

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and 15 Austrian research institutions have entered into a fully transparent Gold Open Access agreement with the publisher MDPI.