EJP Co-fund

EJP RD: The European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases

Duration: 2019-2024


The European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) is a new funding instrument to coordinate all activities ranging from research to coordination and networking activities. EJP RD is structured along five main components: Pillar 1 “Research funding,” Pillar 2 “Coordinated access to data and resources,” Pillar 3 “Capacity building,” Pillar 4  “Translational & clinical research methodology,” and Pillar 5 “Strategic coordination and management.”

Pillar 1 is based on the strong previous collaboration and reputation of the ERA-NET E-Rare (2006-2019) and will foster joint transnational calls for collaborative research projects encompassing various aspects of rare diseases.

Participating Countries/Organisations

EJP RD comprises 85 beneficiaries from 28 countries, and Pillar 1 involves 29 funding bodies from 22 countries.

Status of the FWF

FWF is a partner in Pillar 1 “Funding collaborative research on RD.”