European Research Area

In general, the FWF strives to leverage synergies in cooperation with partner organisations both inside and outside Europe.  In this context, the FWF generally welcomes activities designed to integrate national initiatives in the European context as long as real added value is created and a balance is maintained between cooperation and competition at the European level; this also applies to research policy approaches as well as funding and support measures.


COST (Coopération européenne dans le domaine de la recherche scientifique et technique) is an initiative of European countries which aims to promote scientific and technical cooperation in the field of pre-competitive research. Projects are supported in the course of subject-specific COST actions.

Member states (currently 35 European countries) decide whether to join specific COST actions with nationally funded projects.

The programme supports participating researchers by funding scientific events (workshops and conferences), travel costs to foster scientific exchanges (short-term scientific missions) and participation in committee meetings as well as publications.

The FWF supports Austrian research projects participating in COST actions within the framework of its standard funding programmes.


The EUREKA initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness of European industry by supporting close-to-market R&D projects which involve developing new products, processes or services.

EUREKA provides an organisational framework and offers support in finding suitable partners and in commercialisation. Projects are funded by sources within the respective country. Besides stand-alone, bottom-up projects, EUREKA also facilitates subject-specific networks for the promotion of innovative R&D. This is achieved by supporting closer cooperation between science and industry as well as exchanging expertise, technology and personnel.

The FWF supports EUREKA sub-projects in Austria within the framework of its standard funding programmes for scientific research.