Taftie Academy – "Webinar Gender Equality in Research Funding"

Host: FFG
Proposed Date & Place: 18 May 2016, 14:00 CET, online
Moderator: Birgit Steininger, FFG

Brief Description

The European Research Area (ERA) has a priority dedicated to gender equality and gender mainstreaming in research. This has effects on all levels of research and also on research funding in Europe.


The webinar looked at the following questions:

  • Why is gender equality in research funding important for the successful implementation of ERA on national and European level?
  • How are the objectives for gender equality in HORIZON 2020 implemented and integrated at different stages of the Research and Innovation cycle?
  • How is Science Europe dealing with challenges related to gender issues in science and academia?


Judith Raffelseder
Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
“Gender Equality in the European Research Area (ERA): the Austrian example”
Starting with an overview of the EC Communications on Priority 4 “Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming” the presentation and recording also explain how this priority is addressed in the national ERA Roadmap. What has and can be done in the Austrian context as well as which indicators have been chosen to monitor changes. The presentation of the ERA portal completes this detailed information.

Stephanie Rammel
Gender Expert in Horizon 2020 and ERA, FFG
“Gender Aspects in R&I Horizon 2020”
Presentation and recording include a clear description of where, how and why it is necessary to integrate sex and gender analysis into research proposals funded within the Horizon 2020 work programme. A detailed explanation of this programme as well as the evaluation involved of flagged and non flagged topics is provided. A list of specific calls and a description of specific programmes fostering gender equality in Austria complete the detailed information.

Sabine Haubenwallner
FWF, Science Europe Chair of Gender and Diversity WG
“Science Europe Working Group Gender and Diversity”
A description how Science Europe (SE) works and why it has put in place a working group covering this topic is included in the presentation and recording. An information concerning the SE Member Organisations involved in the group as well as the topics the group is working are provided. An outlook on future challenges completes the information about the scope of the working group.

Presentations & Recordings