Fix the numbers

Since 2013, the FWF managed to attain fairly well-balanced gender ratios in its decision-making bodies. At the beginning of 2016 the share of women appointed to the Supervisory Board, and the Executive Board is 50%. The Assembly of Delegates has a share of 36% and the 39% share of women on the FWF Board exceeds the share of women among the FWF's funding applicants. This share has increased continuously in the last years. Each year, each funding programme's approval rates for women and men are analysed and published . The FWF continues its efforts to leverage the consistently high potential of women applicants through a number of processes.

In this context, the FWF's career development programme for women in science and research represents a proven set of tools to support women in their research careers. The accompanying PR campaign, which includes information in the FWF's Info magazine as well as the "Women in Science and Research" series, has served to enhance the visibility of Hertha Firnberg and Elise Richter grantees as well as female principal investigators in other FWF-funded projects. Since 2007, the FWF has also offered coaching workshops which provide information on the decision-making and peer review processes. These workshops give potential applicants greater insight into the FWF's processes; in addition, a workshop designed especially for women creates a separate space for exchange, networking and knowledge transfer among female researchers.