Als erstes Konsortium weltweit unterstützen der österreichische Wissenschaftsfonds (FWF) und zehn österreichische Forschungsstätten SciPost, eine Open-Access-Publikationsplattform im Bereich der Physik. SciPost ist für LeserInnen und AutorInnen kostenlos und basiert auf einem internationalen Kostenbeteiligungsmodell führender Institutionen. Die Plattform wird von einer Vielzahl hochrangiger ForscherInnen unterstützt und hat bereits eine Reihe erstklassiger Artikel veröffentlicht, darunter auch einige aus Österreich.

Falk Reckling (FWF)

„Der FWF freut sich, mit den österreichischen Forschungseinrichtungen ein Konsortium zur Förderung der Open-Access-Publikationsplattform SciPost zu bilden. SciPost ist ein wegweisendes Rollenmodell für die Transformation des akademischen Publikationssystems in Richtung Open Access und damit für die Umsetzung der Open-Access-Initiative Plan S der cOAlition S. Besonders erfolgsversprechend ist, dass SciPost in den nächsten Jahren weitere Wissenschaftsgebiete aufnehmen wird.“

Jean-Sébstien Caux (SciPost)

„We are extremely pleased to announce that Austria will form the first national consortium to sponsor SciPost. Led by the FWF, this consortium includes the Universities of Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and Vienna, the Technical Universities of Graz and of Vienna, the Montaniversität Leoben, the IST Austria together with the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The consortium will sponsor SciPost for a period of 5 years. SciPost will dedicate all these resources to furthering its mission to transform scientific publishing by providing a Genuine Open Access solution to researchers worldwide. In particular, our operations naturally align with and fulfil the requirements of Plan S from cOAlition S.
Many Austrian researchers have already adopted and contributed to the SciPost platform, and we hope that this mark of recognition from this consortium will encourage many more to join in and further fuel our expanding operations.“

Jörg Schmiedmayer (TU Wien)

„As a researcher I think scientists should take possession of their intellectual property.  One consequence is to take publishing into our own hands and not let other institutions make enormous profit from disseminating our intellectual property. As group leader advising many young scientist I am very pleased with the initiative of SciPost, a top level journal from scientists for scientists. Scientific knowledge should be free. The archive ( took a bold step long ago to provide a forum for scientists to share the latest research freely.  In many of the hottest fields it is now the submission to arXiv to claim to priority.  For long the acceptance at a top level journal was the final approval.  SciPost now combines both. It provides a reviewed ‘approval’ of scientific results posted on arXiv, and the connection to the published world by listing it in all the ‘citation data bases’ as a tradition journal.  As such it fills a long overdue spot in the publication landscape.  I believe that it very well be the future of top level scientific publishing. I also very much appreciate the way refereeing is handled. Making the submitted manuscripts, the reports and the replies open accessible to everybody gives a new level of openness and open scientific discussion which will be a model for modern publishing.  SciPost is a model of how we should do dissemination of our scientific results.“


Falk Reckling

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